Thrilling Desert Adventure

Exciting Dubai desert: drive slopes, ride camels, slide sandboards amidst golden sand dunes. Unforgettable adventure!

Mesmerizing Sunset

Watch a beautiful sunset in the desert, as the golden sunlight creates a stunning backdrop for your safari.

Bedouin Camping

Bedouin culture awaits: desert camp, hospitality, cultural shows, and delicious BBQ dinner for a memorable experience.

Camel Riding

Enjoy a leisurely camel ride, a traditional way to travel across the desert, and feel  like a true desert explorer.

Sandboarding Fun

Try sandboarding, where you slide down the dunes on a board, for an exhilarating experience in the soft sands of the desert.

Henna Art

Adorn hands and feet with intricate henna designs, adding beauty and elegance to the desert journey.

Dress in Traditional Attire

Embrace Arabic attire, men in long robes, women in flowing gowns, for unforgettable desert photos.

Stargazing in the Desert

Marvel at the stunning night sky of the desert, away from city lights, and gaze at the countless stars twinkling above you.

Campfire and Stories

Gather 'round campfire, hear desert stories, enjoy music, create lasting memories under starry night sky.

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