Best Things to Buy in Singapore 

Miniature Merlion Souvenirs

It is a strange creature with a lion head and a mermaid body. It can be found on souvenirs in Chinatown.

Orchid  Perfumes

Buy exquisite Orchid-infused perfumes in Singapore to capture the memories of your trip with captivating fragrances.

Asian  Artifacts

Don't miss out on Asian artifacts! Bring home unique antiques and beautiful scrolls as popular gifts from Singapore.

Bak-Kwa  (BBQ Meat)

Tasty gift for loved ones. Grilled pork/beef slices, marinated with sugar, enjoyed by Singaporeans during festivals.

Ya-Kun  Kaya Spread

Singaporeans love their traditional breakfast - Kaya Toast with soft-boiled eggs. Tourists enjoy it too and often buy it as a souvenir.

Singapore  Pressed Pennies

When leaving Singapore, bring home memories and consider pressed pennies as ideal souvenirs with iconic designs.

Tiger Balm  Products

Tiger balm began in ancient China, expanded to Singapore, and gained worldwide recognition for its instant pain relief.

The Laksa  Paste

Buy laksa paste, Bak-Kwa, Kaya Spread, and other must-haves for a taste of Singapore's delicious cuisine.

Gold Plated Orchid

24K gold plated Orchids. Elegant jewelry, corporate gifts. Exquisite souvenirs, worth the extra shopping budget.

Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling' was invented at Raffles Hotel in the 1930s, and it's now the city-state's famous national drink.

Explore Singapore's treasures, from Merlion souvenirs to Laksa Paste!

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