Best time to visit Dubai

        Spring   (March to May)

Enjoy ideal weather for outdoor activities and sightseeing with pleasant temperatures and moderate conditions.

       Summer  (June to August)

Hot, humid weather offers reduced hotel rates and indoor fun like malls and water parks.

                Autumn   (September to November)

Experience mild temperatures, fewer crowds, ideal for outdoor exploration and cultural events participation.

                Winter  (December to February)

Enjoy Dubai's peak tourist season, pleasant weather, bustling events, and outdoor activities and beach visits.

Ramadan  (varies yearly)

Observe Ramadan's fasting, respect local culture, with adjusted hours for restaurants and attractions.

National Day (December 2nd)

Celebrate UAE's National Day with city-wide parades, fireworks, and cultural performances for  everyone to enjoy.

Dubai Shopping Festival (January to February)

Explore the annual shopping extravaganza with great deals, discounts, entertainment, and various activities to enjoy.

Dubai World Cup (March)

Experience a world-renowned, rich horse racing event, drawing top jockeys, horses, and spectators globally.

Dubai Opera Season (October to April)

Indulge in Dubai Opera's world-class performances, featuring opera, ballet, concerts, and theatrical productions.

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