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Best Time to Visit Dubai

Best Time To Visit Dubai – Weather, Temperature & Season


Dubai is a place where you can enjoy all the time of the year. It doesn’t matter what time or month of the year this is, you can get some of the other activities where you can have fun and enjoyment. If you are searching for When is the best time to visit Dubai then you have come to the right place. In this article, we mention the Best Time to go to Dubai.

You can book a Dubai tour package at any time with roaming routes. Below, is the best time to visit Dubai weather-wise and what activities or attractions you should go for according to weather and month-wise.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai in 2023

The Best Season to visit Dubai is During the winter season, from November to February. As the temperature is cool also Dubai hosts many events and activities in the Winter Season.

But, this outrageous city is marvellous in all seasons. The shopping malls, the desert safari, the Water world, the Ferrari World, the astonishing buildings, and the list of adventures in Dubai go on to entice any traveller.

All you need to do is book the Dubai tour package from India, with us to live your dream. There are a lot many things to do in Dubai that will keep you on your toes, no matter which is the best time to visit Dubai.

If you are worried about the expenses then you have your wingman with you. With roaming routes, you can pay on easy EMI and can offshore the burden to enjoy at the fullest.

Summer in Dubai is from April to October.

If you can’t enjoy many outdoor activities and you have postponed them to be done at night, you enjoy other exciting indoor or water activities or enjoy shopping with unbelievable shopping offers.

Winter in Dubai is from November to March.

You can have all the fun and enjoyment because all the outdoor activities are open where you can enjoy the rides and see the beauty of Dubai and have the cuisines in Dubai.

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Best Time to Visit Dubai in Summer 

Now, Let’s Just dive into the Best time to visit Dubai from India and from other countries and know the major attractions to be seen in the summer season.

Dubai in the summertime, you will experience extreme temperatures. The days are longer than 12 hours, and summers start in April and end in October. 

This is the time when Dubai’s temperature rises from 29 degrees to 45 degrees, and sometimes it reaches 50 degrees. This is the time when you can’t enjoy any outdoor activity. 

But this is the best time to visit Dubai when you can enjoy the nightlife in Dubai or the theme park as the tourists are fewer and all the prices go down, and you can go shopping or get hotels and other things at a low cost.

If you are a fan of desert safari you don’t need to take tension you can enjoy them in the evenings when the climate gets normal, and you can have some beautiful views also.

There are some minor problems you can face during your visit to Dubai like you can’t enjoy street food in Dubai, and you can face sandstorms and unbearable conditions. 

Now, let’s see the Best time to visit Dubai 2023 according to the month in Summer and what are the major attractions to see.

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Dubai in April

April is the month when summer heat in the temperature can feel. These are those days when you can enjoy evenings only because the days are hotter and longer.

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Major Attraction in Dubai:  

The main enjoyment you can have in Dubai during this month is WOW JBR, a global village, and many other theme parks. The major event in Dubai in the Middle East is a film and comic con day sightseeing and taking a dip in the pool in the evenings to get relief from the heat and the warm weather. 

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Dubai in May

This is the time when you should take some sunscreen and put it on your body. You should plan your daily tour in a way that you can spend the hot part of the day in some malls and theme parks in Dubai.

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

If you are planning for Dubai in May, then you can see the biggest festival celebrating Ramadan or Ramzan mostly falls in the month of May. This is the month when you can enjoy the Islamic tradition and see the best when the locals break their fast.

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Dubai in June

Dubai in June means you can enjoy many things in Dubai. But it would be best if you planned yours in a way that you can enjoy more things inside some premises. The sun is at its peak, and you can get sunburn, so you need to have sunscreens every time with you. 

Major Attraction in Dubai:

But if you want to go out and enjoy summer in an unusual way then you can go to adventure Dubai places like the Green Planet, Ski Dubai, theme parks like Aqua Venture, IMG World of Adventure Wild Wadi water parks, and the famous Dubai dolphinarium. And some indoor places are fully air-conditioned like opera houses and museums.

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Dubai in July

Dubai in July is the time when Dubai’s weather becomes hottest, and you can only enjoy all the outdoor activities at night. 

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

This is the time when romantic couples can enjoy their honeymoon. You can enjoy the Dubai glitz and the sparkling skylines. This is the time of the year when the airfare and hotel rates go down. As the prices go down the things you can enjoy are going shopping where you can enjoy discounts and offers at shopping malls, and theme parks can attend night concerts. Fireworks and some workshops.

If you’re also going to Dubai for a honeymoon, then you can check the latest Dubai Trip Cost from India for couples.

Dubai in August

Dubai in August is the time when Dubai temperatures rise. Imagine that the sea temperature is also a hot 30 degrees plus. This is the time when you see the least crowd and the rates are incredibly low, the offers run, and you can get many free offers also. Maybe the perfect time to take your family for a relaxing and luxurious holiday. Book the luxurious holiday package for the family during this season

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

If you are thinking of visiting Dubai with the least budget, then this is the perfect month for that, with a low budget, you can enjoy activities like the Dubai night tour, dhow dinner cruise, or big bus night tour. Air-conditioned places like museums and malls are the best places to visit in Dubai at this time.

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Dubai in September

Dubai in September, the summer is there, but its heat starts going down a little bit and you can say it’s a relief.  The average Dubai temperature is lower in September, but it is still hot and humid.

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

You have to plan your days in a way that you can avoid the heat and be safe from it. But you don’t have to worry about what you will do in the daytime because you can enjoy the Le Perle Dragone and concerts at the Dubai Opera House. 

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Dubai in October

Dubai in October is the month in which the summer draws a bit, but you can’t enjoy autumn there, but the temperature lowers a little. The sea and beaches in Dubai are again crowded and you start to get relief from the heat. 

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

You can enjoy your water fun, like swimming and water adventure activities in water parks in Dubai. This is the season when you can see camel racing and some traditional events. In the city, you can enjoy opera shows and Halloween festivals.

Best Time to Visit Dubai in Winter

Dubai in winter is a period between November and March when the weather becomes so pleasant that you can start enjoying all the outdoor activities like the Dubai desert safari, water rides, etc. In the winter it becomes the best place for honeymoon couples. Winter is the best time to visit Dubai if you want to enjoy street food and indoor and outdoor activities.

The best time to visit Dubai for shopping lovers is January and February when the Dubai shopping festival starts. Usually, the Dubai climate is hot, but from November, the humidity gets low, the Dubai weather becomes pleasant, and in winter, there are various things to do in Dubai.   

Now, let’s see the best time to visit Dubai and a major attraction to see in the winter months.

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Dubai in November

Dubai in November is a time when the winter holiday starts and Dubai is the best place for your vacation to enjoy. The temperatures become pleasant as it is the start of winter. 

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

There are lots of international events that start like Dubai Design Week and Downtown Design. You can also enjoy the F1 Grand Prix, and you can enjoy the Ferrari World and the Yas Water World. You can also book the package with the stay at the luxurious and magnificent Atlantis  

Dubai in December

Dubai in December is a  time when the weather becomes colder, and many festivals start, You can also pack light sweaters to keep warm in the nighttime. 

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

This is the month when there are plenty of events organized like the Rugby Sevens tournament, Dubai International Festival, and UAE National Day(Independence Day). Burj Khalifa becomes the primary destination at this time of the year because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. 

Dubai in January

Dubai in January brings pleasant weather in which you can stay out for the full day. Dubai’s temperature becomes perfect for all outdoor activities like skydiving in Dubai, zip-lining, and hot air balloons.

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

This is the time when the annual Dubai shopping festival starts, and you can get discounts at all the malls and designer stores. At this time of the month, you can also enjoy events like the Quoz Art Festival and Cirque du Soleil.

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Dubai in February

Dubai in February, the weather shows the best combination of pleasant and sunny weather in which you can enjoy all the outdoor activities.

Major Attraction in Dubai:  

You can go for the desert safari and enjoy the dune bashing and camel rides and the traditional desert living and can go on a Dhow cruise. It has events for food and music lovers like the Dubai Jazz Festival and Dubai Food Festival. 

Dubai in march

Dubai in March is the time when you can enjoy the beaches and resorts. It has the best public beaches and private resort beaches. As the sea temperature goes down you can also enjoy it thereby swimming and other activities.

Major Attraction in Dubai:

If you are an adventure fan, you can go for activities like leisurely, flyboarding, jet skiing, parasailing, and paddleboarding. In March, there are events like the annual festival of literature and the Sikka art fair. 


It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer you can enjoy one or another activity in Dubai, so the best time to visit Dubai is when you want to. If you are planning for a low-budget Dubai tour, then you can go in summer and get some exciting offers, and if you want to enjoy all the activities and other events, then you can go in winter when all the things are open.

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