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Book Dubai & Mauritius Tour Packages with Roaming Routes in Just 90,000/Person including 5 Star hotels, free Tourist visa and more offers with the most famous sites Burj Khalifa, Le Morne Beach , Tamarin Waterfalls.

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Price Starting: Rs. 90,000/Person
Payment: EMI available
Hotels: 4-5 Star
Inclusion: Tourist Visa Fee
Dubai & Mauritius Tour Packages consist of many Exciting places like Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark, Le Morne Beach, Tamarin Waterfalls With Different activities like Quad Biking, Dubai Desert Safari, Gorges National Park Sightseeing and many other tourist attraction.

7Nights/8Day Dubai Mauritius Combo Package in 90,000 INR/Person

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Top 5 Dubai Mauritius Combo Packages

Dubai Mauritius Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Dubai Mauritius Group Tour Package 4N+4N 1,04,500 INR
Dubai Mauritius Combo Package 7N/8D 90,000 INR
Dubai and Mauritius Tour Packages 9N/10D 1,10,000 INR
Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Package 10N/11D 1,10,000 INR
2022 Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Special Package 8N/9D 1,10,000 INR

About Dubai Mauritius Packages 2022

Bored of everyday life? Book Dubai Mauritius Packages in 2022 for an unmatched exploration that brings two contrasting lands of the world closer and offers fantastic holidays in Dubai and Mauritius. Travelling to Mauritius and Dubai with roaming routes will be a lifetime memory for you. This year's vacation with the family will be the best under the influence of natural touch and modernity.

We are bound to give travellers an immersive experience, so we have designed each Dubai Mauritius combo package to deliver the best at affordable prices. Romantic couples can choose from the exclusive Dubai Mauritius honeymoon packages with luxurious stays. Also, we have the best Dubai honeymoon packages with flight and visa fee.

Dubai and Mauritius are the perfect combos to unleash. The tourists most appreciate Dubai desert safaris or road trips to Abu Dhabi. And By being in Mauritius, you find yourself closer to God. The mountains lined with greenery and floating islands in the Indian Ocean will never let the tourists get bored.

Dubai and Mauritius are hiding some great places to visit that everyone would like to explore.

Places to be Covered on Dubai Mauritius Holiday Packages

All the Dubai Mauritius packages of Roaming Routes will send you off with a bundle of experiences that you will recite for years to come. Here's a glimpse of the best Dubai and Mauritius destinations you're about to unravel on this trip.

Burj khalifa Dubai tourism

Massive Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, a vast building rising from the desert and going beyond the clouds, is the global symbol of Dubai, and every Dubai visitor will not be untouched by it. The 828 meters high Burj Khalifa goes up to 200 floors, of which 160 are habitable. The 123rd floor is the world's tallest observation point in this building.

Entrance tickets: Starts from Rs. 1,800

Dubai Miracle Garden tour

Flourish Dubai Miracle Garden

The Dubai Miracle Garden is an excellent choice for fun outdoor activities, family picnics or couples simply marveling at the floral artifacts in the garden. The Miracle Garden is one of the most extensive flower gardens globally, which is home to a large proportion of Dubai tourists.

The garden has all facilities, including a bathing facility, first aid room, VVIP parking and commercial kiosk.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai tour packages

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Enter Dubai Aquaventure and feel the movement of your veins. The waterpark in Dubai plunges tourists into the water with 30 different slides and offers excellent water activities. The exciting Aquaventure Water Park is an ideal destination for tourists to bask in the water and admire the graceful sea creatures.

Entrance tickets: Starts from Rs. 6,000

Le Morne Beach in mauritius

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne beach is a visitor's favorite spot in Mauritius; deep-sea divers will measure the bottom, and slackers will gaze at the skies lying on the sand. Mauritius is a land of unmatched beaches, and Le Morne is a pioneer. This is included in all Dubai Mauritius packages for roaming routes.

Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin in dubai mauritius tour packages

Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin

Dedicated to Hindu deities, the Ganges Talav attracts Indians. It is a serene place where the temples of Lord Shiva and Hanuman are situated. Surrounded by greenery from all sides, this place gives inner peace to the tourists.

Tamarin Waterfalls mauritius

Tamarin Waterfalls

The stream of water flowing from the high plateaus will be seen everywhere in Mauritius, but the splendid waterfalls of the Tamarin River are remarkable. It is a delta with seven water streams known as the "Seven Cascades." It is a perfect place for hiking and bird watching, where tourists want to spend the most time.

Things will Handle Enthusiasm of Tourist on Dubai Mauritius Tour

Boasting adventurous excitement, Dubai will never let you relax. It has everything you can imagine, Mauritius Island of boiling volcanoes, water activities, and hiking combined with soothing sightseeing make this fantastic Dubai Mauritius trip for the tourists.

Gorges National Park Sightseeing in mauritius tour packages

Gorges National Park Sightseeing

The Black River Gorges National Park, inhabited by biodiversity, is located southwest of Mauritius. Climbing the high mountains, tourists cannot digest the beauty of this panoramic view. This activity included in Dubai Mauritius Tour Packages will remember you for life. More than 300 species of trees, insects, moths, and mammals live in Gorges National Park, whose mixed tweet is nothing less than sweet music to the ears.

Île aux Cerfs Boat Trip in mauritius

Île aux Cerfs Boat Trip

Mauritius is a massive island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by several small uninhabited islands, some famous for white-sand beaches; some islands are home to mere stones, but it is fun to cruise the neighboring islands by boat. So it will be a wonderful exploration for the tourists who are fed up with the crowd.

Quad Biking in mauritius

Quad Biking

It is exciting to drive quad biking on the deserted roads of Mauritius. Mauritius is dotted with boundless scenic paths, so this exciting trip with family passes through rough roads. The best place for quad biking is the "Domaine de l'etoile", a preserved area with lots of fun activities to do.

Dubai Desert Safari tour packages

Dubai Desert Safari

Desert safari is one of the most enjoyable activities to do in Dubai. It is fun to crush the dunes by riding in the beast 4*4 Land Cruiser cars. Apart from this, you can also witness the beautiful setting sun and the Tanura dance with Bar BQ dinner. It is the best activity in our Dubai Tour packages

Dubai Dhow Cruise tour packages

Dubai Dhow Cruise

Dubai Dhow Cruise Tour is an excellent opportunity to encash the luxury. Tourists will enjoy dinner on board the luxurious ship, and other on-cruise activities like belly dance and night-firing shows will keep the enthusiasm on the pinnacle.

Best Time to Book Dubai and Mauritius Holiday Package

Either way, December and January are ideal months to plan a wonderful Dubai Mauritius vacation. Because both the countries have peak tourism time and all the festivals and events are organized in these two months. Peak season is costly for apparent reasons, but you can cut costs by sorting out the destinations with our custom Dubai Mauritius tour packages. The details below will better help in planning your Dubai Mauritius trip.


  • In the month of January the temperature will goes around 24 degrees to 15 degrees.
  • In the month of April the temperature will goes around 33 degrees to 22 degrees
  • In the month of August the temperature will goes around 21 degrees to 15 degrees
  • In the month of December the temperature will goes around 26 degree to 17 degree

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Exclusive Dubai Mauritius Tour Packages

Dubai Mauritius Group Tour Package
₹ 1,04,500 / per person
  • 4N+4N
  • Friends & Family

Dubai Mauritius Group Tour Package

Leisure Tour

Explore magnificent nightlife and charming lifestyle of Dubai and Mauritius with our Dubai Mauritius Group Tour Packages.

Inclusions: Accommodation, Food, Dubai visa fee, Travel insurance

Sites : Mauritius North Island, Ile Aux Cerfs Island, South Mauritius, Underwater Zoo.

4N+4N Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival Dubai + Evening Dhow Cruise with dinner
  • Day 2 Morning Dubai City tour + Evening Desert Safari by 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Day 3 Burj Khaliaf 124th floor entrance + Underwater Zoo + Sea Aquarium
  • Day 4 Relax day in Dubai
  • Day 5 Mauritius North Island Tour
  • Day 6 Ile Aux Cerfs Island Tour
  • Day 7 South Mauritius Tour
  • Day 8 Departure from Mauritius
₹ 90,000 / per person
  • 8D/7N
  • Friends & Family

Dubai Mauritius Combo Package

Leisure Tour

Dubai is famous for its sparkling lifestyle where Mauritius topography is blessed with admirable natural beauty. You can go with this Mauritius Dubai package to explore Mauritius and Dubai.

Inclusions: Stay, Daily meal, Return airfare, Dubai visa fee

Sites : Dubai City, Mauritius North Island, Île aux Cerfs Island, South Mauritius.

8D/7N Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival to Dubai – Desert Safari
  • Day 2 Dubai City Tour
  • Day 3 Dubai Relax Day
  • Day 4 Departure from Dubai – Arrival in Mauritius
  • Day 5 Mauritius North Island Tour
  • Day 6 Île aux Cerfs Island Tour
  • Day 7 South Mauritius Tour
  • Day 8 Departure from Mauritius
₹ 1,10,000 / per person
  • 10D/9N
  • Friends & Family

10 Days Dubai and Mauritius Tour Packages

Leisure Tour

Time to give wings to all your dreams and move towards the luxurious world of Dubai and Mauritius. Try this Dubai and Mauritius package and enjoy exclusive Dubai and Mauritius package deals

Inclusions: Dubai visa fee, Luxurious stay, Meals, Return airfare

Sites : Abu Dhabi City, Burj Khalifa, North Mauritius Island, Île aux Cerfs Island.

10D/9N Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival to Dubai
  • Day 2 Abu Dhabi City Tour
  • Day 3 Abu Dhabi to Dubai-Desert Sagari
  • Day 4 Dubai City Tour-Dhow Cruise
  • Day 5 Burj Khalifa Tour
  • Day 6 Arrival to Mauritius
  • Day 7 North Mauritius Island Tour
  • Day 8 Île aux Cerfs Island Tour
  • Day 9 South Mauritius Tour
  • Day 10 Departures
₹ 1,10,000/ per person
  • 11D/10N
  • Couples

Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Package

Leisure Tour

Waiting for a dazzling trip which is perfect fusion of luxurious Dubai and Scintillating Mauritius. Travel yourself with this amazing Dubai and Mauritius honeymoon package with cruise at very affordable price.

Inclusions: Stay, Daily meal, Return airfare, Dubai visa fee

Sites : Dubai City, Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World, Île aux Cerfs Island, Mauritius North Island.

11D/10N Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival to Dubai-Desert Safari
  • Day 2 Dubai City Tour-Dhow Cruise
  • Day 3 Burj Khalifa Tour
  • Day 4 Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World
  • Day 5 Arrival in Mauritius
  • Day 6 Mauritius North Island Tour
  • Day 7 Île aux Cerfs Island Tour
  • Day 8 South Mauritius Tour
  • Day 9 Mauritius Relax Day
  • Day 10 Free Day for Leisure
Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Special Package
₹ 1,10,000/ per person
  • 9D/8N
  • Couples

2022 Dubai Mauritius Honeymoon Special Package

Leisure Tour

Start your Love Journey with Exciting and Promising Mauritius Dubai Honeymoon package.

Inclusions: Daily meal, Return airfare, Luxurious stay, Dubai visa fee

Sites : Dubai city, Ferrari World, Aux Cerf Island, South Mauritius, North Mauritius.

9D/8N Itinerary

  • Day 1 Arrival Dubai – Dhow Cruise Marina
  • Day 2 Dubai city tour – Desert Safari by Land Cruiser
  • Day 3 Dubai Exclusive City Tour (for the couple)
  • Day 4 Full Day Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
  • Day 5 Arrival to Mauritius – Romantic candlelight dinner
  • Day 6 Full day North Mauritius visit
  • Day 7 Full day South Mauritius visit
  • Day 8 Full day Aux Cerf Island by speed boat
  • Day 9 Departure from Mauritius

Dubai Mauritius Tour Packages FAQs

Q.1 How much does it cost for a Dubai Mauritius trip?

An eight-day Dubai Mauritius tour can be booked at a cost of Rs 90,000 per person, which includes travel, accommodation, food and city tours with other activities.

Q.2 How do I plan a trip to Mauritius and Dubai from India?

To plan a phenomenal Dubai Mauritius vacation you should choose a 10 day travel plan. This is ample time to live all the experiences and participate in all the local festivities.

Q.3 What is the Ideal Tour Itinerary to Dubai and Mauritius for Family Holiday?

The 8 day trip plan to Dubai Mauritius is best suited for a family vacation that follows the following daily itinerary.

  • Day 1 Evening Dhow Cruise with dinner
  • Day 2 Dubai City tour and Desert Safari
  • Day 3 Burj Khalifa 124th floor entrance, Underwater Zoo and Sea Aquarium
  • Day Day 4 Leisure time in Dubai
  • Day 5 Mauritius North Island Tour
  • Day 6 Ile Aux Cerfs Island Tour
  • Day 7 South Mauritius Tour
  • Day 8 Departure from Mauritius

Q.4 Are Dubai Mauritius Best Destination for Honeymoon?

Dubai and Mauritius are two great honeymoon destinations for every couple. Dubai's luxurious lifestyle allures couples and the secluded beaches of Mauritius are perfect for couples to spend some romantic moments.

Q.5 How much does it cost for a honeymoon trip to Dubai and Mauritius?

The cost of a 9 day Honeymoon Special package is Rs.1,10,000 per person which includes travel, accommodation, catering and other activities.

Dubai Mauritius Customized Tour Package

Done with Digging about Dubai and Mauritius? And unable to resist the urge to have the real-time feel? Roaming Routes has it all taken care of, With the finely crafted Dubai and Mauritius package deals for the fun-seeking people. Speaking of Dubai and Mauritius here, Roaming Routes ensures you do not miss out on any genre of Fun. May it be Heavenly Beaches of Mauritius or the Dancing Show of Water at The Dubai Fountain, Touching the sky through Burj Khalifa or Making Memories Snorkeling in Mauritius. May it be Vacation with Friends or a holiday with Family, We gets you to Breathtaking Places in Mauritius Filled with Adventurous Hikes and Picturesque Views. Not to Miss, the Shopping Scenes in Dubai cannot be Forgotten. With our Customized Dubai Mauritius Packages, We gives our Customers the opportunity to plan the Vacation themselves. Or if you are too lazy to plan one, we have Dubai Mauritius combo packages, Dubai Mauritius honeymoon packages, dubai 9 days package and many more for your fun-filled Journey. Serving our Customers efficiently from the last couple of Years, We make sure you get back on the track of Wandering, soon. So, whats the Hurry, Still have some doubts and Queries, feel Free to call us and shoot your Questions right away, Our Team is Eager to Help you plan your best journey. Call Us Now!

Budget-Friendly Dubai and Mauritius Packages from India

Dubai Mauritius Tour Packages- A Bundle of Upcoming adventures and eye-pleasing moments in Mauritius to Partying wildly and Hopping malls In Dubai. With the Sky scraping Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Mesmerizing beauty in Mauritius, Roaming Routes misses no chance of leaving you in Awe. We understands the Customer’s Excitement about the Trip and the Importance of it, and hence we provide you with full assistance and proper guidance in having the trip of your life. Call us not +91 935-875-6563 and with our assistance, this trip is not going to leave a hole in your Pocket. With its Multiple Boarding Points like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Ahmedabad, we make your trip less tiring and more fun-filled.


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