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About Hong kong & Macau Tour Packages

Hong Kong and Macau are located on the delta of the Pearl River on the south bank of China. The distance between both cities is only 64 kilometres, tourists can easily commute between Hong kong and Macau by train and bus. Hong Kong is known as the busiest port and trading centre globally, and Macau is also known as the gambling capital, it is the best place for holiday.

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Book a perfect hong kong Macau vacation with our best Hong kong Macau tour packages and explore the various tour itineraries of hong kong and macau tour.

We have best Hong kong Macau packages with different duration and travel plans to make your holidays refreshing and adventurous.

You can access world-renowned casinos, Ocean Park, Lantau Island and Disneyland by choosing from a range of affordable travel packages to Hong Kong and Macau.

Best Tourist Attractions of Hong Kong and Macau Tour

Hong Kong is attracts 3.5 million tourists annually, which is more than the population of other countries, so what is calling so many people to Hong and Macau? Check these best places of Hong and Macau that have been placed on top by frequent visitiors.

Hong kong ocean park

Ocean Park:

Ocean Park in Hong Kong is one of the best tourist and holiday places to spend quality time with family; this theme park is famous for being a part of amazing adventures rides. Tourists travelling to Hong Kong with family must visit this sightseeing point in Hong kong.

Visiting cost: 3200 INR only for adults and 1600 INR only for children

Opening Hours: 10 am to 7 pm

Hong kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland:

Disneyland is Hong Kong's most sought-after tourist destination, and it attracting all kinds of tourists. Many children's favorite characters will make their memories come alive; here, you can forget the world by participating in fun activities like magic shows, dress up, and appoint Mickey Mouse for your morning alarm on a particular day, Disneyland is the best place for children, teenagers and also for senior people.

Visiting cost: Adult: 5200 INR only, Child: 3785 INR only

Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 8 pm

Victoria Harbour in hong kong

Victoria Harbour:

The view will take you off the road when you reach Victoria Harbor after a long day wandering the streets of Hong Kong. Victoria Harbor is where you take a breather of peace and spend a wonderful evening with family or your partner.

Operating Hours: 9 am to 6 pm

Distance from Airport: 33 Km from the Hong Kong International Airport

Venetian casino hotel in Macao

Venetian Macau

Venetian Macau is the place for the world's largest casinos and hotels. All the opulent rooms and traditional welcome are please the tourists. You can participate in the street's dazzle or try your luck at the casino.

Maccau tower observation center

Macau Tower:

The Macau Tower is the tallest observation centre in Macau;and offers a view of the Pearl River Delta and the beautiful city from 223 meters.

Most Exciting Things To Do On Hong Kong Macau Tour

Hong Kong and Macau have everything to entice tourists, especially the young travellers, from exciting theme parks to casinos, Disneyland and adorable villages to give you an immersive live experience. Here are six such things you can enjoy on hong kong Macau tour.

Ferry boarding in hong kong

Board the Star Ferry:

Aboard the Star Ferry, you will discover how beautiful the city is with breathtaking skylines, a spectacular water ride that enhances your view of the city in just 2.70 HKD.

Cycling in Hong kong

Cycling on the 60km Track:

The long journey over unknown lands will allow the drivers to explore unique experiences. Hong Kong's longest cycle track starts from Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan, and the adventure is memorable for tourists, joining greenery and ocean view along the way.

Hong kong street food stall

Drooling on Local Alley Food:

Every street of Hong Kong city is filled with local flavours with the setting sun. The delicious street food that will open up all the taste buds as soon as it enters the mouth is pleasing to the tourists. Hong Kong's dishes include offal, shark fin soup, deep-fried veggie, and fishball, so don't miss out on this exploration that everyone wants a taste of.

Taipa village visiting in Macau

Visiting in Taipa Village, Macau:

Taipa Village is one of the most preserved places in Macau that attracts visitors to Macau every year. Taipa's pedestrianised streets pass through various shops, museums and temples, making it the perfect activity in Macau for travellers to spend a quality evening.

Casino hopping in Macau

Casino Hopping in Macau:

Casino hopping is on top of anything in Macau. Hanging out with a live band at the Venetian hotel enjoying free exotic drinks is an excellent use of your time in Macau.

Travel Advisory For Hong Kong & Macau Tour

It is wise to check travel convenience before booking Hong and Macau travel packages. Due to the covid-19 global pandemic, the Hong Kong tourism department accepts and rejects traveller's applications in the following situations.

Not allowed:

  • If you are not feeling well or are experiencing any virus symptoms.
  • Recently diagnosed with virus
  • contacted with a corona-infected person

If you don't meet the above conditions, you will be entered in the city by answering health check-up questions at Hong Kong airport. All passengers opting for the Hong Kong Macau holiday package must to follow the Corona guidelines.

Best Time for Booking Hong Kong Macau Tour Packages

Hong Kong and Macau are year-round destinations for many reasons. Still, tourists choose the most suitable time, so autumn remains at its peak in both Hong Kong and Macau cities from September to December, which is a great leisure time for tourists to book a hassle-free holiday in Macau and Hong kong. Or if you're looking to spend your honeymoon in Hongkong then book your package for Christmas to new year time.

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Top 3 Hong Kong and Macau Combo Tour Packages

Hong Kong Macau Holiday PackagesNo. of DaysPrice*
Hong Kong Macau & Easy Package5D/4N70,000 INR
Hong Kong Macau Disneyland Package6D/5N85,000 INR
Hong Kong Macau Venetian Special8D/7N1,10,000 INR

Top 3 Hong Kong and Macau Tour Packages

Hong Kong Macau Holiday PackagesNo. of DaysPrice*
Hong Kong Macau & Easy Package4N/5DRs.70,000/-
Hong Kong Macau Disneyland Package5N/6DRs.85,000/-
Hong Kong Macau Venetian Special7N/8DRs.1,10,000/-

3 Best Hong Kong and Macau Tour Packages

Hong Kong Macau tour Package
₹ 70,000 / per person
  • 5D/4N
  • Friends & Family

Hong Kong Macau Easy Package

Leisure, City Tour

Hong Kong & Macau – two wonders of Asia and worth visiting for cosmopolitan lifestyle orientation. Best for Honeymooners.

Inclusions: Meals, Stay, Travel Insurance, Return Flight

Sites : Macau City, Macau-Hong Kong places, Hong City.

5D/4N Itinerary
  • Day 1: Arrival in Hong Kong- Macau
  • Day 2: Macau City Tour
  • Day 3: Macau- Hong Kong
  • Day 4: Hong Kong City Tour
  • Day 5: Departure
Hong Kong Macau with Disneyland
₹ 85,000 / per person
  • 6D/5N
  • Friends & Family

Hong Kong Macau with Disneyland

Leisure, City Tour

Everyone has a wish list to visit the tourist destinations; certainly everyone has Hong Kong & Macau in his wish list.

Inclusions: Stay, Travel Insurance, Return Flight, Meals

Sites : Macau City, Hong Kong by Night Tour, Disneyland, Ocean Park.

6D/5N Itinerary
  • Day 1: Arrival in Hong Kong- Macau
  • Day 2: Macau City Tour
  • Day 3: Macau- Hong Kong [Hong Kong by Night Tour]
  • Day 4: Hong Kong [Disneyland Full Day Tour]
  • Day 5: Ocean Park Full Day Tour
  • Day 6: Departure
Hong Kong Macau Venetian Special
₹ 1,10,000 / per person
  • 8D/7N
  • Friends & Family

Hong Kong Macau Venetian Special

Leisure, City Tour

A full pack action adventure to Asia’s two most amazing destinations, This tour that showcase wonders of the world.

Inclusions: Travel Insurance, Return Flight, Stay, Meals

Sites : Lantau Island And Big Buddha, Disneyland, Ocean park, Hong kong- Macau Places, Macau City.

8D/7N Itinerary
  • Day 1: Welcome to Hong Kong
  • Day 2: Lantau Island & Big Buddha Tour
  • Day 3: Disneyland Full Day Tour
  • Day 4: Ocean Park Full Day Tour
  • Day 5: Sky 100 Observation Deck
  • Day 6: Hong-Kong Macau
  • Day 7: Macau City Tour
  • Day 8: Departure

Hong Kong Macau Tour Packages FAQs

How much does a tour to Macau with Hong Kong cost?
A one week trip to Macau with Hong Kong can be booked at a cost of only 75k per person, which includes the cost of accommodation, food and visits to the major attractions.
How many days do you need to cover Hong Kong and Macau together?
You can set a day for Macau after finding all the experiences in Hong Kong in 2-3 days and you can complete the trip to Hong Kong and Macau in 5 days.
Is a Macau tour expensive for a family holiday?
Macau is a very cheap holiday destination for Indians where one can enjoy good food, accommodation and other experiences at a cost of 40k per person. On an average a four member family can visit Macau for less than 2 lakhs.
Do I need a visa to visit Hong Kong and Macau?
Hong and Macau follow their own immigration administration despite being part of the People's Republic of China, so you can stay in both cities for 6 days without a visa.
What is there to do in Macau for one day?
Macau, the gambling capital in the world, is a small anonymous place in south-east China, across the ‘Pearl River Delta’ from Hong Kong. The city is no so Large which cannot be explored in a day, there are many attractions points of the city which drew tourists here in millions every year. The place you can visit in a day is- the famous Cotai-Strip (mesmerizing view of Macau), a walk from Senado Square to the Ruins of St. Pauls, ride in a Gondola in a Venetian, can have an Adrenaline pumping from the Macau’s highest tower, catch a world-class entertainment show at night. These are some of the best things you can do in a day trip to Macau.
Is it safe to travel to Macau?
Safe 100%. Macau, a small place 65km far from Hong Kong is one of the best tourist places which is visited by millions of people every year. This place is completely safe for tourists traveling from a distant world to explore the mesmerizing elements of the city. The government of Macau is developing a more clean city from crimes, by implementing many strict policies. Still, personal safety is always adviced to carry with you, following basic rules could save you from being a victim.
How safe is Hong Kong’s visit?
Regional Security Director of SOS, Matt Bradley says “it is very safe to travel Hong Kong. It is quite safe and a non-violent city with no crimes and excellent administration of medical and healthcare standards for the people. The city has very tight security and installed CCTV everywhere. Unless you are not breaking the rules and taking needful precautions can lead you to experience the best tour life. This city is called the safest city to travel to. It is safe today as it has ever been.
What is Macau known for?
Macau is known as the casino capital of Asia. It is a city where you can try your luck in the world’s top-class Casinos. This city is an amalgamation of East and West history and traditional and western culture. The second most famous thing for tourists is tasting various kings of amazing Dim Sums which is a bite food, also called a pilgrimage for pastry lovers. You can also watch the World’s largest water show and top-class entertainment shows.
What is Hong Kong famous for?
Hong Kong is famous for its most luxurious shopping. The most glamorous city offers you the world’s best city view of beautiful delight neon lights of sky kissing skyscrapers, the city is full of lively music and sounds from pubs and bars, the city illuminates itself with the zest of fortunate people trying their luck in casinos. The clubbing capital of Asia flaunts itself in the stunning moods of party-tourists of the world by offering the drinks along with Hong-Kong’s popular Dim Sum. From all over the world, people visit to eat a bite-sized food called Dim Sum.
What is Hong Kong’s famous food?
Hong Kong is known as ‘World’s Food Fair’, tourists from all over the world visit this amazing place to have is most known food called Dim Sum. Mouth-watering Dim Sum is not just a meal but a way of life. Hong Kong offers you the variety of choices in eatables like you can explore with Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Barbecued Pork Puns, glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaves, rice noodle rolls, Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce and of course much more.
Is Hong Kong Good for shopping?
Hong Kong is the best place for Luxury shopping. Tourists from all over the world visit Hong Kong to shop for many unique things. It is also called the shopping Capital of the world. In Hong Kong, Causeway Bay is a place where every square inch is covered with amazing malls, pocket-friendly shops, and multi-colored neon illuminating signboards everywhere. Temple Night market is also famous for affordable shopping.

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