Hong Kong Macau Packages

Are you excited to experience the most luxurious casinos and try your luck, then Macau is the correct place for you to visit, the only place in China where gambling is allowed. It attracts more than 28 million visitors every year more than the population of some countries. Don’t limit yourself only towards casinos and gambling because we have designed Hong Kong and Macau tour package, the perfect combination for the party lovers.
Both the cities are full of thrill, excitement and lots of surprises which come alive in the night with thousand options of pubs, bars, and restaurant. Hong Kong is a clustered city with Sky touching high rises and thrilling wildlife.
Maybe you are planning holidays for Kids then our Hong Kong Macau tour will be a perfect choice by taking them to the Hong Kong Macau “Disneyland” package. You can witness of heritage and ancient forts, spiritual buildings, sparkling night bazaar, soaring beaches, live events and concerts with our specially designed Hong-Kong Macau package and this is all in your budget. Enjoy its marvelous street food including tasty and spicy crabs, endless variety of noodles and the famous “Dim-Sum” which will have a remarkable taste in your mouth.

Hong Kong Macau Free and Easy

Leisure, City Tour
5 Days 4 Nights
Hong Kong & Macau – two wonders of Asia and worth visiting for cosmopolitan lifestyle orientation.
Price Starts From ₹ 55,000
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Hong Kong Macau with Disneyland

Leisure, City Tour
6 Days 5 Nights
Everyone has a wish list to visit the tourist destinations; certainly everyone has Hong Kong & Macau in his wish list.
Price Starts From ₹ 65,000
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Legendary Hong Kong with Macau

Leisure, City Tour
8 Days 7 Nights
A full pack action adventure to Asia’s two most amazing destinations, This tour that showcase wonders of the world.
Price Starts From ₹ 75,000
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Visit the cities those re-alive you, revolutionary cosmopolitans: Hong Kong and Macau

Explore Hong Kong and Macau holiday packages

If exploring beaches and natural beauty doesn’t excite you any more or you are a party animal looking for a holiday which makes you alive with lots of drinks and dining options or maybe you are looking for a holidays for kids – our Hongkong Macau tour itinerary is designed by choice and showcase you both legendary cities with lots of surprising actions.
Hong Kong – the sleepless city that comes alive in the night with thousand options of pubs, bars, and restaurants, it is a clustered city with sky touching high rises and thrilling wildlife. A cultural melting pot with traditional & spiritual people; Hong Kong presents itself a most advanced city in the world.
On the other hand, Macau knows as a luxurious place for casinos and gambling where few people fulfill their dreams and few get disappointed. You can witness heritage and ancient forts, spectaculars monasteries, sparkling night bazaar, soaring beaches, live events & concerts with our specially designed Hong Kong Macau luxury cruise tour packages and yes, of course, all is yours within the budget. Local street food is wonderful where you can taste spicy crabs, explore endless noodle shops and the famous “Dim Sum” will satisfy your stomach.

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A solid question is; what to do in Hong Kong Macau? What are the tourist attractions of Hong Kong and best places to visit in Macau? What to do in Hong Kong and Macau for 3-4 days? People often think, is the place good for honeymoon and how the kids can enjoy by selecting Hong Kong and Macau tour for their next escape.
There are endless activities and fun parks for enjoyment and all we include in our Hong Kong and Macau tour holiday packages, some of those are Ocean Park and Disneyland and if you are on honeymoon- you must not miss the beautiful Lantau Island and its monasteries with endless beaches for water sports and diving. Snuggled at a small distance both Hong Kong and Macau connected through ferry and yes it is obviously a great experience to see the harbor line through this ferry ride. Have a look at latest packages for Hong Kong Macau packages with Disneyland and make your dream true.

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