Hello, I’m Anurag Kothari

I'm your

Travel Consultant 🙂 friend who will show you the World !!

“A good friend listen to your adventure. A best Friend makes it with you”.

If you are looking for Memories and Moments, rather than trips and tour, then Anurag Kothari, 33-year-old, MBA, gallivanter by heart, is your best friend.

His passion towards exploring new places flew him to every corner of the world at the early stage of his life. His journey as globetrotter soon began after his post-graduation. He is the "Bird of Passage" and earned his living, by being a travel escort for more than a decade.

According to him, traveling has been his footing not only in serving his basic needs but also during the professional and personal hardship. He proudly confides his story about how he has been on the hook for the bad decision, and how with his positiveness, risk-taking ability and gumption, he managed to Reroute the outcome on his side.

His heart took the clout of traveling, and Roaming Routes started its journey.

He is empowered to lay the course for international holidays in the most comfortable and heart touching closure. He believes in being a travel agent who wishes to make a difference in life rather than merely taking them to places.

Anurag Kothari, “a connoisseur”, on behalf of roaming routes plan trips and tours that are not only pocket friendly but are also customized according to individual demand and needs.

He makes sure to be available for his” friends” on foreign land in the moment of exploration , enjoyment ,and engagement 24*7.

He takes deep pride in celebrating his friendship with more than 12,000 customer , he once met as chaperone in last 10 years.

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If you are Planning for

  • Getaway from professional stress
  • Quality time with your family
  • A romantic experience with your partner
  • An adventurous and secure girls trip
  • A customized trip according to your eating and sleeping choices

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