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How Much Does it Cost to travel Dubai from India

How Much Does Dubai Travel Cost From India? (1 Week Cost)


The first thought that crosses our mind when we think about a Dubai trip is how much it costs to travel to Dubai. It is one of the luxury travel destinations in the world. While Dubai has always been a popular travel destination for elites with its charm, it can also become yours with budget travelling.

In this blog, we have mentioned the Dubai trip cost and especially the 1-week travel cost from India including the expenses of accommodation, food, entertainment, Visa, commute and others.

How Much Does Dubai Trip Cost From India?

If you plan well, you can have a lavish Dubai trip for under Rs. 70,000 per person for 07 days, which includes accommodation, tickets, activities, eating, commute fare, etc. The key to making a Dubai trip reasonable is neat planning.

Suppose you want to make your Dubai trip fun and reasonably avoid booking at the last minute, even for the activities. There are online platforms where you can get early discounts on hotels, flights, and activities and compare prices before making the final booking.

Dubai Trip Cost From India of Popular Tour Packages 2024

Dubai Tour PackagesDurationPrice*
Dubai Honeymoon Package for Couples5D/4NRs.38,500
Dubai Desert Safari Tour Package4D/3NRs.45,000
Dubai Family Tour Package with Atlantis6D/5NRs.60,000
Incredible Palm Atlantis Dubai Tour6D/5NRs.70,000
All Inclusive Dubai Abu Dhabi Tour9D/8NRs.90,000
Miracles of Dubai & Ras Al Khaimah Package7D/6NRs.75,000
Dubai Tour Package From Mumbai5D/4NRs.70,000
Abu Dhabi Tour Package6D/5NRs.40,000

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Dubai 1 Week Trip Cost From India

Planning a trip to Dubai could be a tedious task all by ourselves. While considering the thought, “How much does it cost to go to Dubai,” one has to think about many other things to do. The Average Dubai 1-week trip cost from India is between 60,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR.

Here is the total cost of a Dubai trip from India to help you plan-

ExpensesCost for Seven nights
Hotel (Basic)Budget category hotels start as low as Rs 2,300. But it’s best to check before booking.
FlightsRs. 21,000 to Rs 34,000 per person
FoodRs. 10,000 per person
Activities & EntertainmentRs. 15,000 per person (Rough figure you can add more activities which can add to your cost)
VisaRs. 6,799 per person for 14 days
Commute & MiscellaneousRs. 6,000-8,000

Know Dubai Trip Cost (Flights, Accommodation & Food)

Dubai Travel Cost: Flights and Visa

The first thing travellers search for is flight tickets to Dubai from India. You will be amazed to know that flight tickets from India to Dubai are pretty reasonable, and you can get some exciting deals and discounts if you book months in advance. The round-trip flight ticket for Dubai costs approximately Rs. 20000 per person. Book your Dubai tour package now and enjoy the Dubai tour at an affordable price.

Dubai Visa-

You can choose an online travel agency or the Dubai Visa Processing Centre (DVPC) to apply for a Dubai Visa. There are six types of Visa you can apply for that are mentioned below with fees-

  • Transit Visa for 48 hours- Rs. 2,205*
  • Transit Visa for 96 hours- Rs. 2,982*
  • Tourist Visa for 14 days- Rs. 6,799*

Dubai Trip Cost: Accommodation Costs

There are a significant number of luxury hotels in Dubai. However, there are other budget-friendly alternatives. Yet, the cost of a hotel varies on several variables. The first significant reason or factor determining the cost of your lodging is the area you select. The second is the period you choose for your vacation to Dubai. The third factor is the amenities and accommodation comfort you desire or prefer. Thus, each of these things contributes equally to the total cost of your vacation to Dubai. Again, the best recommendation for affordable hotel accommodations is to make early reservations. If you book early, you will have the chance to receive significant discounts.

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Dubai Cost from India: Commuting Costs

Considering Dubai is an expensive place to visit, commuting within is one of the factors to consider. You can choose three ways of transportation when in Dubai – Taxis, Buses, and Metros.

Well, be wise and choose public transport to commute. If you are wondering how much it costs to go to Dubai, switch your focus to how much it costs to travel around Dubai City. Cabs and taxi fares are sky-high, just like the city’s buildings. The basic taxi fee starts at around Rs 270, and then the per kilometre prices begin at about Rs 40.97. If you have the budget for taxis, then opting for them is a good idea. 

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Dubai Trip Food Cost

Eating is a prime concern and a significant part of how much it costs to go to Dubai while planning a trip. From traditional food items, food trucks, local street food, and high-end luxury restaurants. So you can consider that food may cost you around Rs 250/per person meal to Rs 4,500/per person, depending on where you dine.

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Dubai Attractions & Activities Prices

Although Dubai has some free tourist attractions, such as the Dubai Fountain and beaches, you still would be spending a good amount on Dubai attractions and activities. One of the favourite things to do in Dubai is to go up to the 124th or 125th-floor observation deck in Burj Khalifa. The primary ticket pricing for this activity is INR 3700 per person. One can also choose At The Top Observation deck on the 148th floor, which is INR 8700 per person.

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Shopping Cost in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its malls. The Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, Dubai Outlet Mall, Deira Gold Souk, Mall of the Emirates, Bur Dubai Souk, Dubai Flea Market, Spice Souk, and the list of places to shop here is endless. You cannot explore the city without going to the malls and marketplaces. How much does it cost to go to Dubai shopping? Well, shopping depends upon you in Dubai, whether you want to spend or not. But keep INR 15000, just in case you want to grab some souvenirs.

What is the Best Time or Season to Visit Dubai?

Dubai often is on the list of vivid travellers; in fact, it tops the list of places to visit worldwide. With myriad experiences, culture, traditions, modern architecture, entertainment, and glamour, Dubai is ideal for family, friends, couples, adventure enthusiasts, explorers, and every traveller. 

Summer (June to August)

If you do not want to think about how much it costs to go to Dubai repeatedly, then summer is the time to visit Dubai. As the weather is hot, where the temperature goes up to 40-50 degrees Celsius, tourists avoid visiting Dubai during these months. But, the scorching heat of Dubai makes it challenging to get the best out of the city or explore famous places or beaches in Dubai.

Shoulder Season (April, May, September, & October)

It is a time between peak and off-peak time to visit Dubai. You may pick any of these months to explore Dubai to make your trip economical. The climate during these months is hot, with an average temperature of about 28 degrees Celsius. Whether you want to explore the streets of Dubai or see famous places and indulge in things to do, the weather during these months will allow you to enjoy it. 

If you’re planning a honeymoon in Dubai, then check out the Dubai Honeymoon Packages offered by Roaming Routes.

Winter (November to March)

November to March is the best time to visit Dubai. The temperature during these months ranges between 17 degrees to 28 degrees Celsius, which is perfect for enjoying spectacular beaches, famous places in Dubai, things to do, activities, and more. However, it is the peak season to visit Dubai, so book your flight and hotels months in advance. It will help you save some bucks on your Dubai trip.

*Please note this pricing is indicative only and is subject to variation. For exact pricing details, you can check out the Dubai travel guide or contacting a tour agent is a wise option. With travel packages to Dubai, you can even save more. So contact Roaming Routes for the best travel experience.*

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