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Travel Requirements for Dubai Tour 2023 | COVID-19 information

Dubai Travel Requirements & Visa Requirements 2023


Dubai is open for international travel. But, as you plan your trip to Dubai or before booking a hotel and flights, there are a few things like travel requirements to consider. We have covered travel requirements for Dubai from India, information regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions for Dubai that are currently in place, the latest update on COVID-19 travel guidelines, and other related information on travel to Dubai requirements. So, while booking Dubai tour packages, keep a note of these guidelines:

Dubai Travel Requirements From India

Individuals traveling to Dubai from India must have a valid passport with their first and last name written on it. Otherwise, they would be considered Inadmissible passengers (INAD) by immigration. This rule applies only to individuals traveling on tourist visas, not employment or house visas.

Dubai Travel Requirements 2023:

  • Travel Documents
  • UAE Undertaking Form
  • A printed copy of the return ticket is required for individuals traveling on a tourist visa.

Travelers are advised to get travel insurance, including COVID-19 coverage, and offers an international range before traveling to Dubai. A printed copy of Travel Insurance is required.

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What are the Visa Requirements for Dubai?

A visa is one of the travel requirements for Dubai. Individuals traveling to Dubai from India must apply for a visa before entering the country. The visa approvals take five days. There are two types of tourist visas offered by the Dubai government.

  • 14-day Dubai tourist visa
  • 30-day Dubai tourist visa

Below mentioned are the requirements for a Dubai visa application-

  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months
  • Passport photos
  • Copy of completed and signed Visa application form
  • Itinerary details
  • Hotel bookings
  • Flight bookings
  • Copy of tour tickets
  • Address proof
  • Cover letter by you that covers mandatory details of your Dubai itinerary
  • The last six months’ bank statement proves you have funds to finance your Dubai visit.

It is necessary to match all the travel and visa requirements for Dubai before applying for a Dubai visa. One can apply for a visa two months before their arrival date.

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Are There Any Travel Restrictions for Dubai?

The number of COVID-19 cases has decreased, making the city safe to travel. Dubai’s Government has shown some ease of travel restrictions for traveling to Dubai from other parts of the world. Travelers must be aware of travel requirements for Dubai before they plan their vacation. Travel restrictions have changed recently in Dubai due to COVID-19. Earlier, everyone visiting Dubai was to present a vaccination certificate, take the RT-PCR test, or provide a test report. And it was mandatory to wear a mask in Dubai.

New Travel requirements for Dubai under COVID-19 guidelines-

  • Passengers from India to Dubai are no longer required to present a vaccination certificate or negative RT-PCR test report, effective from November 08, 2023.
  • Passengers traveling through Dubai must check transit travel requirements for Dubai and their final travel destination.
  • Mask-wearing at Dubai Airport is optional.
  • Tourists can explore Dubai and enter any Dubai attraction without any RT-PCR report or vaccination certificate. A mask is also optional.

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Is it Safe to Visit Dubai?

After COVID-19 has affected our lives, many of us are still not comfortable or willing to take any chance. Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world to travel to during the pandemic. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) UAE has worked with other authorities to make Dubai safe for travelers worldwide. They continue to ensure and rank the well-being of residents of Dubai and visitors. Department of Economy and Tourism Dubai continues to work with Dubai health authority to ensure public safety and hygiene of high standards. So that the well-being of residents and visitors remains uncompromised. Tourists coming to Dubai from India or any other country must meet travel requirements for Dubai. You can also check out Dubai Honeymoon Packages for Safe Dubai Tour.

What are the Requirements for Travel to India from Dubai?

Passengers coming back to India from Dubai must meet the requirements for travel to India from Dubai. There are no such requirements for traveling to India from Dubai. Passengers only need valid passports and tickets. But, if you are traveling from Dubai to some other place, follow these measures-

  • Passengers traveling from Dubai Airport are required to do an RT-PCR test if their final travel destination requires an unfavorable report.
  • Rapid Antigen tests and PCR kits are available at the Dubai airport for travelers departing from Dubai. They can perform the test if the travel destination requires it.
  • Passengers must check the COVID-19 travel protocols of their flight and final destination. Airlines have all the right to deny boarding if a passenger shows COVID-19 symptoms.

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Are Passengers Traveling to Dubai from India Need to Quarantine?

As per the recent guidelines issued on November 08, 2023, the Dubai government has provided relief for COVID-19 travel guidelines. According to Dubai’s latest Covid-19 travel requirements, passengers don’t have to take an RT-PCR test or provide a vaccination certificate. Quarantine is not mandatory for tourists coming on vacation. However, if they show any symptoms of COVID-19, they will have to take an RT-PCR test. If the test comes positive for COVID-19, they will have to quarantine themselves. The quarantine period is for 05 days and ends after five days with no fever for 02 days and improvement in symptoms. The cost of quarantine and treatment will be borne by the passengers traveling to Dubai.

Do I Need to Wear a Face Mask While Vacationing in Dubai?

Face masks are for your safety and precautions. During the pandemic, wearing face masks in all outdoor and indoor public spaces, metro, flights, and famous tourist places was mandatory. But, on November 08, 2023, the Government issued a statement saying it is no longer necessary to wear face masks in public indoor and outdoor places, except in clinics and hospitals. It also applies to tourists and travelers coming from India.

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What Measures Should I Take While Traveling to Dubai?

The first and foremost is to check you meet all travel requirements for Dubai. Although COVID-19 cases are low in Dubai and India, it is always good to be safe than be sorry. Ensure you follow all the basic COVID-19 Dubai travel guidelines, like wearing a face mask, maintaining distance in public places, etc. If you see any signs or experience symptoms of COVID-19, take a PCR test immediately.

Apart from following COVID-19 travel requirements for Dubai, there are a few more things you need to keep in mind, such as

  • Carry your travel documents, like your passport, travel insurance, and other necessary documents, while exploring the city.
  • Follow a dress code which is to avoid wearing tight-fitting and revealing clothes.
  • To avoid unwanted attention, avoid PDA.

Keep these things in mind, and have an enjoyable Dubai trip.

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