Best Cheap Budget Hotels in Dubai to Stay in 2023

6 Best Cheap Budget Hotels in Dubai with Prices to Stay in 2023


Are you looking for budget hotels in Dubai that offer a fantastic deal since you intend to spend your upcoming vacation in Dubai? Well, this is among the world’s most unusual cities. Every traveller wants to stay in Dubai at least once in their lifetime because of the wonderful historical sites and mouth-watering street food. A beautiful location with lots of activities for a great vacation. 

When you’ve made the decision to spend your vacation in Dubai, finding affordable places to stay there may be your next big problem. 

Dubai is well known for its opulent hotels that pamper guests with luxury accommodations and delectable ethnic cuisine. However, there are certain hotels that allow you to discover Dubai at affordable prices. You can have a good time at these cheap Dubai hotels.

You can be confident that your time must be more than comfortable and under your budget by choosing one of these budget hotels in Dubai, which offer a high standard of hospitality.

In the following article, we have mentioned 6 cheap and budget-friendly hotels in Dubai near the airport and popular places like Marina & Deiera.

6 Cheap Budget Hotels in Dubai with Prices

Fortunately, Dubai offers great services to people from all over the world and the Dubai cheap hotels won’t disappoint you. Hence, we have selected 6 budget hotels in Dubai to make things affordable for you and to aid in your search. Read down to find out more about these budget hotels, their features, and their location.

1. Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Palm, Dubai

Visitors can explore their quiet side and enjoy finding their emotional peace on this unique island. You can practice yoga here to start the day and enjoy looking at the sunset evening. At dawn and nightfall, guests are charmed by live folk songs, making every moment as relaxing as the last.

Families can make priceless memories by getting active with some athletic facilities, which include a tennis court. The group gatherings are made real by the 230 meters of private beach.

Jiva Spa offers unique wellness journeys that include energizing massages for its clients. The welcoming environment invites friendly conversation as customers enjoy their preferred craft, draught, cocktail, or vintage. A welcome indulgence is premium brand stores with specialized uni-sex salons. The menus of Palm Kitchen offer foods from all over the globe that pleases every palette, with both traditional and unique flavours, making it the perfect venue for holding special events.

The Taj Club Lounge has three individual portions that may be divided to make even more private areas. Enjoy warming drinks, baked goods, classic afternoon tea, and a lively cocktail hour all day long. Their coffee is so famous for its taste. You can try it once.

The Taj Exotica Resort & Spa on The Palm in Dubai has rates starting at Rs 22,258 for its visitors.

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2. Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah – Cheap Hotel in Dubai near Airport

Among the next budget hotels in Dubai is the Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah. 

You can enjoy the city’s sparkling sea beach at the magnificent Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah on Dubai’s sparkling coastline. This mega vacation retreat, which is situated in Palm West Beach, has all you require for a unique visit, including magnificent pools, tranquil spa facilities, a cutting-edge fitness facility, and a kid-friendly club. 

With a variety of necessary amenities and the stunning scenery of the Dubai cityscape and suites offer the best places to unwind. The resort’s inviting restaurants provide various delectable cuisines, including Caribbean and Latin American pleasures. Moreover, a private beach owned by Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah is close to the hotel. 

Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah is 34 kilometres away from Dubai International Airport. To appreciate the sights of the Palm, you can reserve a room with a balcony. Rain showers are available in each restroom. You can benefit from the free wi-fi service with this. Also, there is a facility with a partial sea view from which you can have a lovely evening. 

Adult and child swimming pools are located separately. This allows you to reserve a private beach for yourself. You can find here a spa, a fitness facility, a hair salon, restaurants, pubs, a currency exchange, a babysitting service, etc. Also, they have a huge meeting room with all the necessary amenities. You can schedule whatever meeting you choose as well. Your booking hours will determine their fees.

Its costs are lower than those of other hotels, and its service is excellent. To receive a better deal, you can make a reservation in advance.

The price of Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah is Rs 21,449.

3. HomeStar – Jumeirah Beach – Budget Hotel in Marina, Dubai

Are you looking for the best cheap hotels in Dubai Marina? Then HomeStar – Jumeirah Beach is a great option and you won’t have to spend a fortune by booking your stay here. 

From Marina beach, it takes just 15 minutes to walk to Homestar-Jumeirah beach. The Dubai hotel offers guests access to a nightclub and live shows. Homestars’ recently updated quiet floor has a fully functional kitchen, central air, fast wi-fi, and a keyless entrance. There are restrooms, baths, closets, and towels for every guestroom.

You can find a hotel that is close to the beach. The surrounding environment was great for outdoor exercises, such as jogging and water sports. In a communal kitchen, visitors are welcome to prepare their meals. Arrival requires 100 AED for any damage deposit. Cash will be received as payment for this.

On leaving, you should receive your money back. The hotel staff will inspect the property before your deposit is fully reimbursed in cash.

Inside the hotel, pets are not permitted. There are free wi-fi facilities and 24-hour security available. There are many more entertainment options available inside the hotel. A nightclub, pool tables, a TV room, etc.

So, this hotel can be an option on your list of budget hotels in Dubai.  

The price of HomeStar usually starts at Rs 6000 per night and it may differ based on your booking dates.

4. Sitara Hotel Apartment – Best Budget Hotel in Dubai for Family

The Sitara Hotel Apartment is a luxuriously appointed hotel with an excellent rating in this list of budget hotels in Dubai. It will take 5-10 minutes to drive here from the Dubai Mall and the Deira business sector. For a business trip or enlarged family vacation, the Sitara Hotel Apartments offer 48 luxurious studio and one-bedroom condos with unlimited free wi-fi, tea/coffee makers, in-room safe boxes, swimming pools with terraces, saunas, fitness centres, café restaurants, and a 24-hour staff that offers dine-in and washing clothes services.

The price of the Sitara Hotel Apartment starts at Rs 9,000 per night.

5. FAM Living – Sarai Villas with Pool & Beach Access

The FAM living- Sarai villas are located 14.7 kilometres from the city centre in Dubai on Palm Jumeirah Road. The hotel’s free personal parking lot is available for your use. The amenities include a microwave, refrigerator, ironing board, dryer, and air conditioning.

This hotel offers soundproofing for your complete relaxation. There are accommodations with a panorama of the ocean, a pool, a famous location, or the city. You may use the greatest swimming pool, free wi-fi, and delectable meals here. You can also book a private pool if you want. There are many things you can do to pass the time. Such includes amenities for water sports, cycling, and beach walking.

The price of FAM Living – Sarai Villas starts at Rs 29, 604.

6. Westminster Boulevard Point

This hotel’s convenient location in the Downtown Dubai district of Dubai places you close to activities and eating options. Moreover, this 3-star resort is loaded with amenities to enhance the quality and pleasure of your stay and is a great option on this list of budget hotels in Dubai.

The hotel offers its visitors a variety of amenities, including free parking, handicap accessibility, and 24-hour security. Also, the property features an outdoor pool. Also, a short cab journey will take you to the 149-meter-tall World Trade Center. A balcony and a fully-equipped kitchen are included. Westminster Boulevard Point condo offers down pillows. This hotel offers a hair dryer, shower caps, and towels available to guests without charge.

The price of Westminster Boulevard Point starts at Rs 28,116.

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Finding a cheap and affordable hotel in Dubai does not have to be difficult. With the options detailed in this article, travellers may choose accommodations that are both pleasant and economical. From beachfront properties to downtown settings, the finest budget hotels in Dubai have a variety of features to accommodate a variety of preferences and requirements. Whether you are planning a short vacation or a long stay in Dubai, these budget hotels provide a cost-effective alternative with luxurious amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Which family-friendly budget hotels are there in Dubai?

You can select the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Palm, Dubai, along with accommodations like the Radisson Beach Resort Palm Jumeirah and the Westminster Boulevard Point Hotel, if you’re looking for a family-friendly yet reasonably priced hotel in Dubai.

Ques 2. Which budget hotels in Dubai have rooms with a great view?

Rove Trade Centre, Rove Dubai Marina, Arabian Park Dubai, An Edge By Rotana Hotel, and Rove Downtown are some budget hotels with great views.

Ques 3. Do any budget accommodations in Dubai offer pools?

A swimming pool is a standard hotel feature in the UAE. This implies that every inexpensive hotel in Dubai has a pool.

Ques 4. How can you get a cheap hotel price in Dubai?

To get cheap hotel prices, travel to Dubai in the off-peak months when hotel rates are the lowest. Since May and November are low seasons, you often find excellent discounts, especially if you travel on a Friday.

Ques 5: Which is the most affordable area in Dubai to stay in?

Bur Dubai has the most affordable accommodation rates in Dubai if you’re deciding where to stay primarily on pricing. In addition, it is home to some of the most genuine and affordable Indian eateries in town.

Ques 6: What is the average cost of a hotel room in Dubai?

A 3-star hotel room in Dubai costs somewhere around ₹ 2,935 per night.

Ques 7: Is travelling to Dubai affordable for an Indian?

Yes, travelling to Dubai is affordable for Indians, and even if you are within a tight budget, it’s possible. Roaming Routes offers the most affordable Dubai tour packages from India.

Ques 8: Can I visit Dubai for Rs. 50000?

Yes, Roaming Routes offers an excellent itinerary for your Dubai vacation at only Rs 50,000 per person. Reach out to the team to learn more about the destinations and activities during the trip.

Ques 9: Is three days enough for Dubai?

Yes, three days are enough for Dubai, and a well-planned itinerary can help you easily cover all the major tourist attractions.

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