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Best time to visit singapore

Best Time To Visit Singapore: Know Temperature & Season


The sleek, futuristic, and self-assured island country of Singapore has seen rapid growth in tourism in the last decade. From being a commercial hub of Southeast Asia, it has become a holiday destination for families, couples, friends, and solo travellers. Tourists from across the world visit Singapore for a fun-filled vacation.

With the world’s highest infinity pool, multi-entertainment complex, nature reserves, and luxury resorts, it has become one of the top destinations and receives tourism throughout the year. Its pleasant weather has made choosing the best Time to Visit Singapore difficult. Planning a vacation at the right time allows travellers to explore the country and experience everything it offers. Being an equatorial country, the weather throughout the year is almost the same, making it difficult to choose the right time to go to Singapore. In this article, you will know more about the Best Time To Visit Singapore according to climate conditions, shopping season, peak season, and more.

Best Time To Visit Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s favourite travel places and a year-round destination. It’s hot and humid throughout the year, with negligible variation in Singapore’s temperature. Singapore receives tourists throughout the year, but the peak is from December to July, as it is the best time to visit Singapore from India regarding weather and festivals. Singapore has no monsoon season and can receive light rainfall every day in the late evening during year-end. There is no Best Time To Visit Singapore Weather-wise, as it depends upon how you want to spend your days and nights.

The Best Time to Visit Singapore is between February to April, but it’s not a peak season. From February to April, temperature ranges between 24oC to 32oC. The weather during this time is pleasant and beautiful. If you want to experience Chinese festivity in Singapore during Chinese New Year, visit during these months. Witness other festivals like Singapore Jazz Festival in March and World Gourmet Summit and Affordable Art Fair in April during this period. 

Singapore Peak Season

There are no definable and clear seasons for travelling to Singapore. The peak season to visit Singapore is a combination of festivals and holidays. If we talk about peak season in Singapore, it is from November to January and between June-July. During the peak season, the cost of accommodation, flight tickets, and other tourism-related things are higher due to the increased influx of tourists worldwide.

June-July is the Best Time to Visit Singapore for shopaholics as it is the time of the Great Singapore Sale. During November-December, light rain showers are expected; apart from it, there will be no significant difference in the weather.

One may experience some eye and throat infections during peak season in Singapore due to clearing fires around Singapore.

Climate In Singapore 

Summer in Singapore

Considering maritime and climatic zone conditions, Singapore weather always seems like summer year-round. From May to June, the weather is hot and humid in Singapore, which makes exploring Singapore’s places and enjoying outdoor activities difficult. If you want to explore Singapore places, May to June is not the best time to visit Singapore. The temperature is nearly only 36oC during this month on certain occasions in summer. The humidity rises in these months, which makes it feel hotter. The humidity can go up to 90% in the morning and comes to 60% in the evening. Outdoor activities become difficult, but one can indulge in beach activities, and it’s also the best time to go to Singapore for shopping.

Monsoon in Singapore

The eastern side of Singapore is dry, but southwest Singapore has a monsoon season. If we talk about monsoon season in Singapore, we will only talk about the southwestern side. The western side of Singapore receives heavy, prolonged rain from July to September, and humidity reaches 100%. But the eastern side of the island country is comparatively dry than the west due to the Rain Shadow effect. Tourists visiting Singapore will find that one part of the island country is dry and sunny while the other side receives heavy pouring despite its small size.

Spring in Singapore

Spring is the best season to visit Singapore, from early March to May. The weather during this time is pleasant and perfect for exploring the country. The prices during these months are higher due to the burst in tourism. It is advised to book your travel in advance.

Winter in Singapore

Being an equatorial country, it is like every other equatorial country where the weather in winter is not different from summer. The average temperature in Singapore remains between 25oC to 34oC throughout the year. Northern hemisphere winter in Singapore, i.e., November to January, receives rainfall. December weather is humid and wet as the second batch of rain is due to the North-east monsoon. During these months, one may expect to get wet while exploring the island country.

Best Time To Go Shopping In Singapore 

Singapore is known as a global shopping destination. Shopping is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Singapore. If you are a brand freak and a hearty bargain hunter, the best time to visit Singapore is during the shopping season. Plan your visit during the Great Singapore Sale, when one can get the best deals on everything. From May end to July end, for the whole eight weeks, shopkeepers and retailers across Singapore offer up to 70% discount on everything, even brands.

If you cannot plan your visit during this time, the other Best Time to Visit Singapore for shopping is during Christmas and new year sales. Chinatown, IMM, ION Orchard, and VivoCity are famous shopping places one must check out.

Best Time to Visit Singapore Festivals 

Indian festivals like Diwali, Navratri, and Christmas in the final months bring a different vibe and light to Singapore. During festival season, one can witness Singapore with a different vibe; there is music, lights, dance, activity, and cultural events in places and temples like Sri Mariamman or Sri Thendayuthapani. During Diwali festival, it has an entirely different vibe in Little India that attracts thousands of tourists and locals. Warm lights illuminate the area, the sweet essence of delicious delicacies is in the air, and one can witness cultural India at street parties during this festival. It is the Best time to visit Singapore in 2023 if someone wants to experience a different side of Singapore.

The island country is a year-round destination. The best time to visit Singapore is whenever you want to visit. The temperature ranges between 25oC to 34oC. The country has two official monsoons, northeast and southwest monsoon. Summer in Singapore is hot, with temperatures reaching 34oC. The best time to go to Singapore is during the spring season.


You must always book your Singapore vacation at the right time so that you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Although Singapore is an all-year destination, you need to plan your vacation per your preferences and how you wish to spend your vacation. It is vital that you consider the season, the festivals, events, and any other special thing you wish to consider. In any case, avoid planning during the monsoon season, which ranges from June to September. Hence, choose the best time to visit Singapore as per your preferences. 

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Q-1. What is the cheapest time to visit Singapore?

The cheapest month to visit Singapore from India is February.

Q-2. What is the hottest month in Singapore?

May and June are the hottest months to travel to Singapore.

Q-3. What month is the rainy season in Singapore?

December to March has Northeast Monsoon season, and June to September has Southwest Monsson season. Northeast Monsoon has a wet phase (December-January) and a dry phase (February-March).

Q-4. What is the ideal duration for a Singapore trip?

A 5 to 7 days trip to Singapore is an ideal duration to plan a Singapore trip. It will give us time to cover all the tourist places there.

Q-5. When is the best time to shop in Singapore?

From May end to July end, there is a Great Singapore Sale throughout the country, which makes it the best time to shop in Singapore.

Q-6. What is the Peak Tourist Season In Singapore?

November to January and June-July is peak season in Singapore.

Q-7. What are the best festivals to experience in Singapore?

  • Chinese New Year
  • Lantern Festival
  • Hari Raya Pussa
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Diwali
  • Singapore National Day
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