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Snowfall In Manali

Snowfall In Manali


Table of Contents

  1. Snowfall Months in Manali
  2. Where to Go to See Snowfall in Manali
  3. Events in Manali in Snowfall Season
  4. Winter Sports to Try in Manali Snowfall
  5. FAQs

Snowfall is something that everyone wants to witness in their lives. And if you also want to witness this beautiful scene, then Manali is the place for you. Therefore, in this article, you will know the best time for snowfall in Manali, snow points in Manali, and winter sports you can enjoy during snowfall in Manali. So, here you will explore all the significant things that you need to know for the Manali Snowfall tour.

What Are The Months to Witness Snowfall in Manali?

November To February

The most favorable month to witness snowfall in Manali is from November to February. However, by the end of October, the snowfall begins in several places in Manali and lasts till February.

Furthermore, the major months when Manali receives maximum snowfall are December, January, and February. And the best month to visit Manali to see snowfall is during January. At this time you can witness moderate-to-heavy snowfall with lovely scenarios when the entire hills and peaks get covered in the snow. Hence, this is the best snowfall weather in Manali to watch the real and pristine beauty of Manali’s beautiful hills and mountains.

For Heavy Snowfall in Manali

If you want to witness the heavy snowfall in Manali, then the best time is December and January. During this time, the best places to visit are Solang Valley, Manali Town, Old Manali, Atal Tunnel, Rangri, Rohtang Pass, etc. This time is also best for taking a vacation and photography. Therefore, one should always be ready to book the Shimla Manali tour packages in advance from Roaming Routes; otherwise, it can be very difficult for one to book at the end because, during this time, Manali tourism remains at its peak.

5 Destinations to Witness the Best Snowfall in Manali

1. Solang Valley

Solang Valley during snowfall in manali

Solang Valley is one of the most palpable places and is suitable to witness snowfall in Manali. It is 14 km away from the city center and a major tourist destination near Manali. The valley also offers bunches of recreational activities such as trekking, skiing, sledding, etc. You can also visit the Rohtang Pass, Kothi, and Great Himalayan National Park, which is nearby.

Things To Do: Trekking, Ropeway Ride, Winter Skiing Festival, Zorbing.

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2. Gulaba

Gulaba during snowfall

Gulaba is another destination in Manali famous for its beautiful landscapes, meadows, orchards, etc. This place is at an altitude of 4300m and thus gives the best view during the snowfall. This place is also considered the best alternative for Rohtang Pass since it gets closed during the extreme winter. Entice yourself to the beautiful picturesque in Gulaba.

Things To Do: Go trekking and enjoy Paragliding.

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3. Rohtang Pass

Snowfall in rohtang pass

Rohtang Pass is the most prominent and famous place in Manali to enjoy snowfall watching and winter sports. You can enjoy several sports, such as Paragliding, skiing, sledding, etc., during the snowfall in Rohtang Pass. To experience a fantastic trip, you must choose to go to Rohtang Pass on a bike. You gonna be amazed while passing through the snow-capped roads. During the Rohtang Pass trip, you can visit nearby Solang Valley, Khoksar village, Spiti Valley, etc.

Things To Do: Enjoy sports such as Heliskiing, Snow scooter driving, and Paragliding.

4. Manali Mall Road

Snowfall on manali mall road

The Mall Road of Manali is located at the heart of the city, crowded with the maximum number of tourists. This place features most tourist staying places such as hotels, restaurants, lodges, guest houses, etc. The site looks lovely during snowfall, especially at night when all the shops are decorated with light. Never miss enjoying the hot foods while witnessing the snowfall.

Things To Do: Enjoy shopping and the delicious delicacies of Manali.

5. Tosh

Snowfall in tosh, manali

Tosh is a village nestled in the lap of the Parvati Valley that gives you a spectacular view of the Pir Parvati Pass. To witness snowfall in Manali away from the crowd, Tosh is the most favorable destination to enjoy sightseeing at the Parvati rivers.

Things to do: The most favorable thing to do here is sightseeing.

Events in Manali in Snowfall Season

Winters make Manali drenched in snow. The place gets favorable for roaming around and sightseeing and for the carnivals and fests. Let us discover some significant events that you can witness during your winter trip to Manali,

Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival is the biggest event o Manali during the winter, which prolong for five days. It is celebrated on the 2nd week of January when the entire Manali is ready to break the grounds for the Carnival. Cultural Groups and great artists from all over India participate in the Carnival. The Carnival, which takes place in the Manu Kala Kendra, gets flooded with tourists who witness classical dances, songs, fancy dresses, plays, dramas, etc. The winter carnival is concluded with a contest such as Mr. Manali or Winter Queen, etc. You can also taste the delicacies from all over India in this Carnival.

Lohri in Manali

Lohri is celebrated in the entire Himachal Pradesh on the 13th of January and can be witnessed in Manali. Although it is considered one of the major festivals in Punjab, it is also celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. This festival is celebrated to enjoy the harvesting of the Rabi crops. People’s main thing at night is that they wear traditional clothes and form a circle around the bonfire. They revolve around the bonfire, singing, and dancing. They also offer the puffed rice to God by throwing it on fire and praying.

Losar Festival

Losar is a highly celebrated festival among the Tibetan community of Manali. In this festival, people wear their traditional clothes and recreate the wedding ceremony of Lord Padmasambhava and the local princess. The preparation for the ceremony gets starts on the first day of February. All the involved people begin making the arrangements and performing the different rituals. So, if you want to witness this cultural fest then visit Manali in the first week of February. This will be the best chance to get acquainted with locals and explore Tibetan culture.

4 Winter Sports to Try in Manali During Snowfall

1. Skiing

Skiing in manali

Skiing can make your Manali holiday adventurous. Many places, such as Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Marhi, Gulaba, etc., are covered with a thick coat of snow. This thick coat is then used to enjoy skiing. If you are going for the sport for the first time, you can get the assistance of professionals. You can enjoy skiing from the top tills covered with snow along with beautiful scenes of nature.

2. Snow Boarding

Snowboarding in manali

This is a kind of newer activity that has been recently added to the list of winter sports in Manali. In this sport, a board is attached to the person’s feet. After then the person has slightly pushed down the thick ice sheets, and that’s it. You need to seek help from professional snowboarders for the first time to enjoy the safe side. You will get the best experience of enjoying the slopes and curves of the mountains covered in snow.

3. Sledding

snow sledding in manali

Sledding is one of the most tried activities in Rohtang Pass and the Solan Valley. These are the two places where you will get the chance to sled over the snowy mountains. The activity is about sitting at the top of the sled and enjoying the ride commanded by the fox and wild dogs.

4. Ice Climbing

Ice climbing in manali

When you see those beautiful mountains covered with thick snow coats, you will get lured to climb them. Manali is full of numerous great mountains perfect for ice-climbing. It is also the best activity to watch the beauty of the mountains and the valley.

Therefore, Manali is the most suitable and preferred place to witness and enjoy the snowfall. Here, you will watch the snow falling over the thick coats and enjoy some recreational activities on it. You can go out ice-skating, skiing, trekking, sledding, etc. The winter carnivals and the events in Manali also make it the center of attraction during the winter season. So, select the best things, places, and months and pack your bags for snowfall watching.


Q. 1 Can I see a snowfall in Manali starting in November?

November is among the suggested month to visit Manali to witness the snowfall since the probability of snowfall during this time is there.

Q. 2 When will the First Snowfall start in Manali?

Every year the figure varies, but most probably, the first snowfall can be witnessed during last October and starting of November.

Q. 3 How Much does it cost to visit Manali in the snowfall season?

Visiting Manali during the snowfall season will cost you around INR 10,000.

Q. 4 Will it snow in Manali on Christmas?

Yes, absolutely the Manali is covered with snow during Christmas time.

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