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Top 18 Tourist Places In Shimla to Visit in 2023

Top 18 Tourist Places In Shimla to Visit in 2023


Shimla is the most famous tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh and the entire country. There are numerous places to visit in Shimla, including hill stations, mountains, shopping streets, and many more. All the different tourist places in Shimla have their own significance. So, let’s explore the most enticing places in Shimla to visit in 2023.

Tourist Places in Shimla

1. Summer Hills

Summer Hills

This is a perfect place for a summer retreat in Shimla. This town is 5 km away from Shimla and is covered with green carpet-like meadows. It is also one of the famous hills of Shimla to get the perfect scenic beauty. Summer Hill seems more beautiful in July.

  • Opening hours: Remains open throughout the day.
  • Visiting Cost: No entry cost
  • How to reach: Catch a taxi, rickshaw, or cab to cover the 5 km distance from Shimla.
  • Things to do: Enjoy TrekkingTrekking and going for a nature walk.
  • Nearby attractions: Tara Devi Temple, and Jakhoo Temple.

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2. Indian Institute Of Advanced Studies

Indian Institute of Advanced Studies was built by the British for the retreat of the President in the Summer season. But it was later passed by Dr. Radhakrishnan to the nation as an institute of advanced arts and humanities studies. The entire institute is built in a proper classical structure that is fireproof. This is an excellent part of Modern Indian History and a must-visit place in Shimla.

  • What to See: Ancient architecture, facts about British rules.
  • Opening hours: 9 am to 5:30 pm
  • Visiting Cost: INR 40 per Indian and INR 85 per foreign national.
  • How to reach: The place is just 3 km from Shimla; hence can be reached through local transport such as cab, taxi, and bus.
  • Things to do: Sightseeing, and Cultural Tour
  • Nearby attractions: Viceregal Lodge and Manorville Mansion Shimla

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3. Annandale

Annadale, Shimla

Annandale was another favorite place of Britishers because it was the home to several adventurous sports in Shimla. Currently, the place is famous for its golf course with beautiful meadows, which also serve the helipads. Previously the place was popular for sports like cricket, racing, golf, and polo, and this is why it is famous as the playground of Shimla.

  • What to See: Witness the historical importance of the place. You can also watch people playing golf and racing over here.
  • Opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm but closed on Monday
  • Visiting Cost: Free of Cost
  • How to reach: It is around 3 km from the main city to get it by any public transport means.
  • Things to do: Play Golf, Racing, and Sightseeing
  • Nearby attractions: Fort Ward, Wakefield Park, Ram Temple, etc

4. Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill

Jakhoo Hill lies at an altitude of 8000 ft, the tallest peak in Shimla. The place is also popular for the idol of Hanuman Ji built over here, which is around 108 ft tall. Hence, the place is a mixture of a holy and adventurous trip. For short, Trekking, Jakhoo Hill is the best place in Shimla. The top viewpoint gives amazing sight of the Shivalik ranges.

  • What to See: Watch the beautiful Shivali Ranges and the huge idol of Hanuman.
  • Opening hours: 6:0M Am to 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Visiting Cost: Free of Cost
  • How to reach: It is 3.4 km away from the center city and can be reached by bus.
  • Things to do: Go for a religious tour, enjoy TrekkingTrekking, and click some beautiful pictures.
  • Nearby attractions: Summer Hills, Hanuman Temple, Ridge.

5. The Scandal Point, Ridge

Scandal Point, Ridge

The scandal point is situated at the westernmost part of Shimla. You can witness the mesmerizing view of the snow-capped mountain and the valley from here. The other things that make this place popular are the Shimla Summer Festival and the Tudor Library situated here. The place also dictates the love story of Maharaja Bhupindra Singh.

  • What to See: Witness the beautiful snow-capped mountains nearby. You can also watch the summer festival and the Tudor Library.
  • Opening hours: 6 am to 8 pm on all days of the week.
  • Visiting Cost: free of Cost
  • How to reach: the place is 2 km away from Shimla, and one can get here by bus, car or taxi.
  • Things to do: Enjoy sightseeing and nature walk. If visiting during the summer season, do attend the summer festival.
  • Nearby attractions: Mall Road, Ridge, Sunset Point, Lakkar Bazaar

6. The Shimla State Museum

The State Museum of Shimla is located on Mount Pleasant and was once the private’s resident of the viceroy William Beresford. The museum has 10,000 books, journals, magazines, etc., collected from different places that depict Modern Indian History. The museum has also kept several arts and crafts, paintings, coins, sculptures, handicrafts, etc., collected from all countries.

  • What to See: Watch out for the beautiful handicrafts, sculptures, paintings, and books kept in the museum. 
  • Opening hours: Remains open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm except for Monday.
  • Visiting Cost: INR 10 for Indians and INR 50 for foreign nationals.
  • How to reach: It is 1.9 km away from Shimla, which you can reach by bus, auto, or taxi.
  • Things to do: Enjoy witnessing historically significant things and sightseeing.
  • Nearby attractions: Christ Church, Annadale, Johnnie’s Wax Museum, Sunset Point.

7. Naldehra


This is an excellent tourist place in Shimla to glimpse the sunset and the sunrise. The other thing in Naldehra that attracts people over here is the nine-hole Golf Course. The town is well known for its scenic beauty and beautiful ground to play. You can also observe the dense forest nearby and the Shailey Hills.

  • What to See: Watch the sun setting and rising from the pony of the hills.
  • Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Visiting Cost: There is no entry fee but to play; the fee starts from INR 1000.
  • How to reach: You need to go by public bus to get to the Shimla bust stand, which is 25 km away from Naldehra.
  • Things to do: Play Golf, Enjoy Picnic, Trekking, Camping, and Horse Riding.
  • Nearby attractions: Naldehra Golf Course, Shailey Peak, and Kali Bari Temple.

8. Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls

This beautiful Chadwick waterfall is located in the corner of Glen Forest with a total height of 100 meters. The entire forest is filled with the fresh smell of water, pine trees, exotic flowers, etc. The most favourable time to visit Chadwick Fall is during the monsoon season. Just make sure to have some grippy shoes with you to prevent yourself from slipping on stones.

  • What to See: Witness the beautiful waterfall and the exotic forest nearby.
  • Opening hours: Remains open all the time
  • Visiting Cost: No Entry Fees
  • How to reach: This waterfall is almost around 5 km from Shimla and can be reached by bus or taxi.
  • Things to do: Enjoy TrekkingTrekking and clicking pictures
  • Nearby attractions: The Glen and Summer Hills.

9. Mall Road

Shimla Mall Road

Mall Roads are generally referred to as the stretch of wide roads in the hill stations, which are covered with small stalls and shops in both lanes. These stalls offer you all kinds of facilities such as food, clothes, handicrafts, cafes, and other shopping options. The Mall Road in Shimla is famous for woollen wear and handicrafts at a reasonable price.

  • What to See: Explore the local shops, eateries, and other stalls offering good services.
  • Opening hours: Remains open for the entire day.
  • Visiting Cost: The entry is free of cost, and the shopping charge will vary as per what you buy.
  • How to reach: Take a bus from the Shimla Bus stand, which is 6 km away from Mall Road.
  • Things to do: Taste the delicacies of Shimla, Shop from the local stalls and enjoy sightseeing.
  • Nearby attractions: Kali Bari Temple, Jakhu Temple, La Himalayan Expeditions.

10. Johnnie’s Wax Museum

Johnnie’s Wax Museum, which is also known as the Madame Tussauds of Himachal Pradesh, is the first wax museum in the state. This wax museum has the wax replica of all the famous personalities from India and the world. You can search for the wax museum of your favourite celebrity over here. You can also make your visit more memorable since the museum provides you with an opportunity to get a wax replica of your hand.

  • What to See: Watch the wax museum of all the famous personalities like harry potter, Iron Man, etc.
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 10 pm
  • Visiting Cost: INR 250 per person, and children below 5 get free entry
  • How to reach: It is just 1.8 km from the main city and can be reached by auto or taxi.
  • Things to do: Get a tour of the entire museum.
  • Nearby attractions: Mall Road, State Museum, etc.

11. Christ Church

It is the second oldest Church built in Northern India and is most famous for its beautiful architecture. The Church is the perfect example of peace, prosperity, humanity, hope, faith, etc. The tourist place holds great importance for the people following and believing in Christianity. The morning and the evening prayer are the best thing to watch over here and feel the peace of the place.

  • What to See: Witness the prayer in the Church and the beautiful architecture. Learn about the history of the place.
  • Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm
  • Visiting Cost: Free of Cost
  • How to reach: It is 6km away from the Shimla bust stand. So, you can cover up the distance by bus or taxi.
  • Things to do: Attend the morning and the evening prayer.
  • Nearby attractions: Viceregal Lodge, Kufri Fun World, Mall Road, Shimla Mall.

12. Himalayan Bird Park

Himalayan Bird Park

Himalayan Bird Park is located opposite the Viceregal Lodge and is famous for its amazing collection of Birds. The place remains open for visitors only during the summer seasons. It is an idol place in Shimla for bird and nature lovers since you can also witness exotic and rare plants and tree species.

  • What to See: Watch the birds of different regions and species. Also, witness the rarest plants.
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 6 pm and remain closed on Monday.
  • Visiting Cost: INR 10 per person.
  • How to reach: You can easily reach via auto and cabs since it is 2.5 km from Shimla.
  • Things to do: Enjoy Bird watching, photography, and sightseeing.
  • Nearby attractions: Scandal Point, Sunset Point, Annandale, etc.

13. Tara Devi Temple

Shimla has just a handful of famous temples, among which Tara Devi is one. The temple is situated at the top of the hill and is also a great place in Shimla for rejuvenating your mind. You can reach here within 20 minutes through Kalka highway.

  • What to See: Witness the beautiful view of the town from the hilltop.
  • Opening hours: The temple opens from 7 am to 6 pm.
  • Visiting Cost: No Entry Fee
  • How to reach: It is 17 km away from Shimla and can be reached by bus, cab, or car.
  • Things to do: Seek blessings from the goddess and enjoy sightseeing from the hilltop.
  • Nearby attractions: Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, Viceregal Lodge, Annandale Army Heritage Museum.

14. Kufri

Kufri, Shimla

Kufri is the nearest hill station to Shimla, the best place to entice yourself in the summer season. It also receives the first snowfall in Himanchal Pradesh and is popular for witnessing snowfall. It is almost 2622 m above sea level and famous for the winter sports such as skiing, ice skating, etc. The place previously belonged to the kingdom of Nepal, but it is now a part of the Himachal territory.

  • What to See: Watch the snow-capped Himalayan ranges that surround Kufri
  • Opening hours: Remains open for the entire day
  • Visiting Cost: No Entry Fee
  • How to reach: It is 15 km from Shimla and needs 40 minutes drive to reach Kufri by bus, cab, or taxi.
  • Things to do: Enjoy winter sports such as ice-skating, skiing, TrekkingTrekking, ice climbing, etc.
  • Nearby attractions: Jakhu Temple, Shimla Heritage Walk, The Ridge, Mohan Shakti Heritage Park, Hatu Peak.

15. Chail

Chail tourist place in shimla

Chail was once the capital of the princely state of Patiala. It is located in the Shivalik range of Himanchal Pradesh with a beautiful view of the river Sutlej. It also has the highest cricket pitch in India, which is outlined by the pine and the deodar trees. The other thing of brilliance present in this place is the Chail Palace, famous for its architectural beauty.

  • What to See: Watch the beautiful Shivalik Ranges, Chail Palace, and the highest cricket pitch over here.
  • Opening hours: Remains open throughout the day
  • Visiting Cost: Free of Cost
  • Things to do: Sightseeing, a tour of the cricket ground, and Trekking.
  • Nearby attractions: Sadhupul Lake, Chail Palace Hotel, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary.

16. Lakkar Bazaar

Lakkar Bazaar is near Ridge and a famous place for shopping in Shimla. You can discover almost all the types of foods and handicrafts in this place. The major things that one can find here are wooden toys, walking sticks, etc., and food items such as Aloo Tikki, chole bhature, etc.

  • What to See: Explore all the shops and food stalls.
  • Opening hours: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Visiting Cost: Entry is Free of Cost, and the rest cost depends upon one’s shopping.
  • How to reach: You can reach by auto or cab since it is 2 km away from Shimla.
  • Things to do: Enjoy the Indian delicacies and shop for wooden crafts from the local stalls.
  • Nearby attractions: The Mall Road, Kali Bari Temple, The Ridge, Jakhoo Hill, Christ Church

17. Green Valley

Green Valley is one of the most attractive tourist places in Shimla that bringing around thousands of tourists every year. The valley has a charming view and is also famous for shooting most Bollywood movies. It can also be stated as the paradise in Shimla. There are several viewpoints over here to see the entire valley.

  • What to See: Watch out for the beautiful scene from the viewpoint of the valley.
  • Opening hours: 6 am to 6 pm
  • Visiting Cost: There is no visiting cost.
  • How to reach: You can reach either by bus or taxi since it is just 8 km away from Shimla.
  • Things to do: Go Trekking, Camping, Hiking, and enjoy sightseeing.
  • Nearby attractions: Annadale, Chadwick Falls, Viceregal Lodge.

18. Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is the most famous building in Shimla, holding historical importance as it was once the residence of the India Viceroy. It is the second-highest point in Shimla. The interiors and the architecture of the Viceregal Lodge, which is also known as the Rashtrapati Niwas, are very exotic and belong to the British Era.

  • What to See: Witness the architectural beauty of the Lodge and learn about its history.
  • Opening hours: 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Visiting Cost: INR 20 per person
  • How to reach: The total distance from Shimla is 3 km.. So, you can either go by bus, taxi or auto.
  • Things to do: Go for a Historical tour of the building.
  • Nearby attractions: Himalayan Bird Sanctuary.

Therefore, these were some of the top-listed most famous tourist places in Shimla to explore in 2023. Similarly, you can discover more such fascinating places in Shimla, showing you the scenic beauty, variety of flora and fauna, ancient architecture, temples, and many more things. So, a trip to Shimla will be beneficial to enjoy all these things. so book you tour now from roaming routes.


Q 1. How much will it cost to travel to Shimla?

The total travel cost to Shimla will depend upon the days you plan to spend in Shimla. The starting cost for spending 2 to 3 days in Shimla results to be INR 10,000 TO INR 12,000. It excludes the cost of visas and passports.

Q 2. What are the travel policies for Shimla’s visit amid Covid times?

For the latest guidelines, one must visit the official portal of the Himachal Pradesh Government, or you can also read out the office orders released by the District head of Shimla. And except for that, one must have an RTPCR test of themselves of last six days stating them negatively for the covid test.

Q 3. What is Shimla famous for?

Shimla is renowned for its exquisite hills and mountains. It is also popular for sports activities such as skiing, TrekkingTrekking, ice skating, hiking, etc.

Q 4. How long should you stay in Shimla for the enticing tour?

To have the entire city tour, 3 to 4 days and enough.

Q 5. What are the best tourist places near Shimla?

Some of the best places near Shimla are Manali, Kullu, Kufri, Green Valley, etc.

Q 6. When should you visit Shimla?

For the people looking for a summer retreat, the month from April to July is feasible, and for the one looking to witness snowfall, the winter season from October to January is best.

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